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5 easy hacks to make your TPA travels even better

Traveling through Tampa International Airport is a breeze. We know it, you know it, the good people at Travel + Leisure and J.D. Power know it. But it gets better! While frequent travelers may already know these five great features at TPA that make travel

1 ) Save your back – and a good bit of time – by using remote bag check at the Rental Car Center.

Travelers returning cars to the Rental Car Center before making their way to the Main Terminal can unload their luggage, strollers and other cumbersome baggage before boarding the SkyConnect train and heading to their gates. The innovative, one-stop Remote Bag Check center lets you check in, print our your boarding passes and drop your bags, allowing you to bypass the ticketing counter lines and make an easier beeline to your plane.

2 ) In a hurry? Need a car wash? Use our Valet Parking services.

If you want to feel like royalty as you arrive at TPA – or you’re simply running late and don’t have time to hunt down a parking space – consider trying Valet Parking at the Blue Departures curbside or Level 5 of Short Term Parking. At $30 a day, it’s the priciest parking option, but well worth it if you’re in a rush and stressed. Throw in a little more and get your car washed and detailed so it’s nice and shiny upon your return.

3 ) Start your vacation early and treat yourself to delicious food, a glass of wine or a massage.

Did you know Tampa International Airport has 70 new shops, restaurants, bars and spas? TPA’s concessions program has upped its game to include several locally famous options, such as Ulele, Bavaro’s, Ducky’s, Café by Mise en Place and even a pirate ship-themed Gasparilla Bar. The incentive to get to the airport early has never been higher, as the Airport now has a massage station at each airside inside the Terminal Getaway Spas. The ones on Airsides C and E do manicures and pedicures, too.


4 ) Enjoy shorter lines and less undressing with TSA PreCheck.

Tampa International Airport is known for having some of the quickest TSA screening lines in the country but during peak times of the day – and especially during the holidays and spring break – you’ll be glad you paid the $85 for TSA PreCheck, which gets you a pass for five years. You don’t realize what a luxury it is to be able to breeze through screening without removing your shoes or unzipping all your electronics cases until you’ve tried it. Sign up for your 5-minute appointment to get clearance today: https://universalenroll.dhs.gov/workflows?servicecode=11115V&service=pre-enroll


5 ) Forgot to get euros on your way to catch your flight? Our ATM machine at Airside F has foreign cash.

While the Currency Exchange in the Main Terminal is TPA’s cheapest and easiest way to grab cash on your way to your international flight, it’s easy to forget to stop if you’re excited and nervous for your overseas journey. At Airside F, TPA’s international terminal, the ATM dispenses euros and other foreign currency so you’re not arriving at your destination country empty-handed.