15:51 PM

5 things you can do with your All Access pass

You love Tampa International Airport, you’ve got a free Saturday coming up and you’re ready to sign up for your first TPA All Access pass.

But which of the four Airsides do you pick? What’s there to do?

The options are endless, but here are five to get you started:

1. Sip Scotch Ale at Cigar City Brewing at Airside C

A brewery at an Airport? Yeah, we've got that. Head over to Airside C to check out our in-house brewery where the Brew Masters of Cigar City Brewing will be hopping up some Scotch Ale from scratch all month long. Want some cheese to go with that beer? The recently renovated full-service restaurant serves pretzels with beer cheese, fresh ceviche, sandwiches, burgers and more. Would you rather grab and go? Stop in for a brew and swing by the only Airport PDQ in America right next door.


2. Planespot

If you’re one of those people who still gets a little (or a lot) excited to see planes take off and land, you’re definitely one of us and you’ll love the airfield views from our Airsides. Airside E has the perfect view of one of TPA’s most commonly used runways with a seating area between the locally famous Columbia Café and a fan favorite, Potbelly’s Sandwich shop. Pick one – or both – pop a squat and watch the planes soar towards the sky.


3. People-watch over a Spirit of Flight

In September, Tampa International Airport launched an Airport-wide signature cocktail. Read that again. A TPA-flavored drink. The fruity, refreshing beverage starts with a little guava nectar, orange juice and white rum and is then shaken and garnished with a juicy Florida orange and a sprig of mint. The name: The Spirit of Flight, ‘cause what else would we name a signature Airport drink? Sip the concoction at any bar or restaurant at the Airport while enjoying the sights of hugs, laughs and (hopefully happy) tears from passersby.


4. Shop and Dine Local

When Tampa International Airport launched its concessions redevelopment program, it kept “Tampa” in the name. Today, more than 40 percent of all shops and restaurants are local, including some Tampa favorites like Ulele, Cigar City and Bavaro’s. The shops at TPA have a flair that’s all their own, comprising of local brands like Bourbon and Bowties, Seventh Avenue Apothecary and is even home to Spanxx – an empire built by the Tampa native, Sarah Blakely.


5. Get breakfast specials exclusive to TPA

Pineapple on pizza might be a no-go, but eggs are always welcome. TPA All Access allows visitors to start their Saturday Airport experience at 8 a.m., and there are countless breakfast options that are exclusive to the Airport. These include Bonuts from PDQ, breakfast pizza at NYNY Pizza and a whole breakfast menu at Mise en Place that’s only offered at the Airport’s Café location.


Sign up for TPA All Access today!