18:35 PM

A ball of fur, a busy road, a heroic Traffic Specialist: One kitten's journey to Tampa International Airport

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 18, when TPA Traffic Specialist, Regina Glenn, saw what she thought was a rat dodging cars on the Blue Arrivals drive.

Traffic had finally slowed down after rain delays sent vehicles barrelling through the curbside, but to a small animal, it was still hectic enough to feel like Times Square on a Friday night.

Glenn approached the palm-sized, grey creature and quickly realized a tiny kitten must have fallen out from underneath one of the passing vehicles.

Dozens of vehicles came within mere feet of the kitten.

“There were cars coming by and coming by and I looked down and he was there!” she said. “He had to have been under someone’s car. It’s a miracle that he made it, and I don’t take credit for that. That was God.”

Glenn picked up the kitten and escorted him to safety, quickly wrapping him - all 11 ounces of him - in a comfy towel.

“He was so nervous from all the commotion - wouldn’t stop meowing 'til I sat him down," she said.

The kitten began to fall asleep after the most stressful day of his weeks-old life, and Glenn called in some backup to figure out what to do next.

She wanted to bring him home, after all, she saved his life, but couldn’t because she has family members with allergies.

Once word got around at the Airport, though, there was no lack of new home options for him.

The kitten, named Blue after where he was found, was claimed and brought home by Traffic Supervisor Steve Lee, where he’ll now enjoy a calmer life in his new house with new siblings – two orange tabbies.

Lee and his wife bottle feed Blue every four hours and are excited to have a new miracle in the house.