17:34 PM

Frontline Faces: Angelo Mottola, Media Producer

Things have certainly slowed down at Tampa International Airport, but for Angelo Mottola, the camera is always rolling.

As the Airport's Marketing Media Producer, Angelo was behind the scenes of all things TPA before Google was even a thing, and has seen it all, from three CEOs to lots and lots (and lots) of construction and upgrades.

His favorite part of the job: Watching his ideas come to life. 

"I love being creative. I love being able to have fun, laugh and help those in front of the camera showcase their personalities," Angelo said. 

Being with the Airport for more than 30 years, Angelo has had plenty of opportunities to film the fun stuff like employee service award videos, tons of pretty planes and beautiful b-roll of the Main Terminal and airsides. 

Recently though, videos churning out from the Airport's Marketing Design Studio have had a more critical cadence. 

The Airport team recently launched TPA Ready, a robust plan on new procedures, guidelines and operations as they prepare for the gradual return of passengers. Angelo has been in the midst of the organized chaos, filming operational updates like the installation of social distancing floor markings and plexiglas shields. He's also been meeting with the Airport CEO on a weekly basis to shoot videos providing TPA's employees with any new news or updates (while following social distancing procedures with a 6-foot boom mic in hand and mask on.)

"It seems like video production has tripled since COVID-19 started," Angelo said. "I'm busier now than I've ever been, even though everything else has slowed down."

Video has been a huge part of the Airport's communication strategy through TPA Ready, not only with employee communications, but largely with the Airport's massive external audience, passengers and followers. 

"It's important that passengers still see what's going on at their favorite Airport even though they're not here in person," he said. 

From 2000's short films like the signature "Airport Insider" which featured TPA's dim lighting and carpeted floors to now shooting b-roll for national news media during a global pandemic, Angelo has seen, captured and shared it all.