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A New ‘Bowl Game’ Comes to Tampa International Airport

(September 6, 2013) - We're taking Pride in our Potties! One of America's Best Restrooms is at Tampa International Airport, according to Cintas Corporation. The 20 newly-renovated restrooms in the airport's main terminal are finalists in Cintas' 12th annual America's Best Restroom Contest. Show support for your hometown airport by casting your vote for TPA's bathrooms online now through October 31 at www.bestrestroom.com.

We're excited to share the news, get out the vote, and show off the spiffy new places you'll find the "tp" in TPA.

The restrooms in the main terminal were renovated as part of the airport's $30 million Main Terminal Modernization project completed earlier this year, with the understanding that restrooms are one of the most important factors in determining customer satisfaction with airports. In a recent survey of more than 29,000 airport patrons, 87 percent of respondents said they've seen an improvement in the TPA's restrooms in the past two years.

They were designed to provide a bright, clean atmosphere with a fresh, Florida feel. The high-quality materials used in the new facilities, such as stainless steel, porcelain and quartz, were selected for maximum durability and ease of maintenance. This is a loo built to last.

Incorporating eco-friendly materials into the project was a high priority for the design team. State-of-the-art Dyson airblade hand dryers reduce paper waste, LED lighting lowers energy consumption and low-flow fixtures cut water use in half. Each restroom also features a wall-sized image of flowers, birds, fish and other native Florida wildlife. It's the perfect spot for your time-out in the terminal.

The restrooms in Tampa International Airport's main terminal rival those in high-end hotels, while serving 17 million passengers each year plus the thousands of daily “meeters and greeters” and employees. Our facilities are specially designed for folks who have to go when they are on the go – with larger stalls so that you can keep your belongings with you at all times, plenty of convenient shelves, handy hooks to keep bags off of the floor, and ample counter space. What a functional place to flush.

Now it's up to you.

Remember, you have until October 31 until this one is officially "in the can" so vote early and often for TPA at www.bestrestroom.com.