18:46 PM

American Airlines employee finds small joy in new livery

American Airlines employee Roelof Viskil arrived at work on Saturday, September 28 for his shift just as he’d done for the last 34 years. This day was a little different.

As American Airlines flight 2340 taxied to its gate at TPA, Roelof headed to the ramp in pursuit of 21 characters on a very special livery. Those characters – spelling out Doris Gayle Ramzy Viskil – represented the name of his late sister-in-law who lost her battle to cancer in 2014. 

“It really was a very touching moment to realize that Doris and the thousands of names are "Angels" flying across the country every day,” Roelof said. 

The Stand Up to Cancer plane wrap was part of a month-long campaign that ran July 1 – July 31 2019 – donating all proceeds to cancer research programs. Anyone who made a donation of at least $25 could get a loved one’s name on the plane – alongside 22,000 cancer survivors, cancer fighters and those who lost their lives to the illness.

Model Stand Up to Cancer planes are available for purchase here.