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Another set of America’s Best Restrooms open in Airside C just in time for holiday travel season

Airside C bathrooms south 1

Tampa International Airport’s award-winning Airside C restrooms are now twice as nice, with the terminal’s fully renovated south side facilities opening just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday rush.

Airside C bathrooms south 4The newly opened restrooms are no doubt a welcome sight for travelers, who have for months had to rely solely on the north side lavatories, which were remodeled earlier this year.

But the sleek and contemporary spaces now have quite a pedigree to live up to, as those high-design north side restrooms were named the winners of the 2022 Cintas America’s Best Restroom Contest in October.

The Airside C washrooms came out on top in an online poll with nine other finalists that Cintas Corporation selected based primarily on design and functionality. The title came with Cintas UltraClean® restroom cleaning service and $2,500 in Cintas products and services, which the Airport donated to Hurricane Ian recovery efforts.

Both the north and south restrooms share their design, so passengers can now experience America’s Best Restroom on either side of Airside C.

Airside C bathrooms south 2“Every restroom in all of our Airsides has now been refurbished to the same, exceptional standard, so really the title of America’s Best Restroom belongs to all our restroom facilities,” TPA’s Vice President of Planning and Development Jeff Siddle said. “The entire team that worked on this project is proud to be able to offer a high level of service and functionality for all our guests to experience.”

The restrooms’ modern aesthetic – deep-blue stone, high-resolution images of local flora behind impact-resistant glass, solid-surface vanities – reflects a Florida experience and TPA’s signature “cockpit” concept, with a sensor-activated sink and soap, personal paper towel dispensers, and trash receptacle, all within an arm’s reach for each guest.

The south side restrooms also feature an adjacent, dedicated nursing room and family restrooms, just like their north side counterparts.

For more information about the 2022 Cintas America’s Best Restroom contest and past winners, go to https://www.bestrestroom.com/