16:36 PM

Cargo operations continue to deliver at TPA

The skies around Tampa International Airport may be a bit quieter as of late due to the adverse impact of the coronavirus on the travel industry.

But for the Airport’s cargo operations, it’s a different story.

Every week, TPA’s primary cargo operators are flying some 88 trips – more than a dozen a day – ensuring that goods, products and documents can get in and out of the Tampa Bay region.

It is part Tampa International Airport’s role to serve the region’s essential transportation infrastructure.

“Every time a plane takes off, we’re delivering necessities,” said Jeff Matz, Airport Properties Manager at UPS. “Businesses are dependent on medical supplies and we’re delivering to those businesses.”

The Airport’s cargo operations have remained steady despite the tremendous uncertainty surrounding coronavirus. FedEx, UPS and the carriers dedicated to Amazon have maintained regular operations, bringing in tens of thousands of pounds of cargo on a daily basis.

This volume makes a lot of sense.

“When you think about everyone staying at home and social distancing, they’re ordering a lot of what they need online,” Matz said. “We’re doing our part to keep the world moving.”

Tampa International Airport’s busy air cargo operations are mirrored across the globe.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has seen “record levels” of freighter demand amid a drop in capacity aboard passenger flights, according to FlightGlobal.com. Normally, passenger flights carry around 40-50 percent of global cargo capacity in their bellies, but the picture has been dramatically changed by cancellations because of the coronavirus and travel restrictions.

“Air cargo is a vital partner in the global fight against Covid-19,” said IATA director general Alexandre de Juniac in the FlightGlobal.com article.