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Construction inside the Main Terminal is about to get serious

(January 8, 2015) - Crews will close down one shuttle leading to Airside A and one to Airside C on Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. as construction begins on the east side of the terminal, where people will ultimately see outdoor terraces and an automated people mover station.

With only one shuttle operating to each airside, passengers, tenants and HCAA employees may experience some congestion in the terminal and can expect slightly longer waits for shuttles. At Airside C, a shuttle will arrive every two minutes and 15 seconds instead of the usual 49 seconds. At Airside A, a shuttle will arrive every two minutes and 26 seconds instead of 55 seconds. This will remain in effect until near the end of this year. 

East Quad Deck-Dec 2014

The airport has put a number of measures in place to ensure the most efficient flow of passengers during these closures, including hiring temporary Customer Service Representatives to help passengers load quickly and efficiently at the Main Terminal and airside shuttle entrances. We have added canopies over the Airside A and C shuttle walkways to protect travelers from the weather should they need to walk to and from the airsides.

“Throughout this entire period of construction, our intention is to continue to provide the high level of customer service our passengers and guests have come to expect from Tampa International Airport,” said John Tiliacos, Tampa Airport’s Vice President of Operations and Customer Service. “Our team has been hard at work to make this time as smooth as possible for our passengers. As always, we will look for areas to improve and provide even better service.”

Airport officials are advising passengers and those who work at the airport to be mindful of the changes, reminding passengers that only a boarding pass is required to board the shuttles to the airside and that passengers should move to the end of the shuttle lobby to make room for others during peak times. They’re also reminding all to look for guidance from Customer Service Representatives on hand to ensure efficient movement between the Main Terminal and airsides.

In addition to the shuttle closures, the outdoor smoking deck between A and C will close permanently beginning Jan. 8. Smokers will be redirected to smoking areas at each airside as well as designated areas near the arrivals and departures curbsides.

As part of the airport’s historic expansion project, the shuttles to all four airsides will be closed for modifications over the course of the next two years, though no more than two shuttles will be out of operation at any one time

The expansion adds more than 55,000 square feet – roughly the equivalent of a football field – to the third floor of the terminal. The renovation includes lounge areas and distinct spaces for business travelers and families, green zones with plenty of plants, and art installations. The inside of the terminal will become more open and spacious, resulting in improved sightlines and better wayfinding for passengers.

To follow the progress of the expansion project and stay up-to-date on travel impacts, go to the Master Plan Expansion Projects page or follow us on Facebook or Twitter at @FlyTPA.