19:24 PM

Contingency Plans in Place at TPA to Meet New Tarmac Rules

Tampa, FL – On April 29, 2010, new regulations called “Enhanced Airline Passenger Protections” went into effect with the requirement for airlines to develop and adopt a contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays. Under the new regulation, air carriers are required to assure that their plan has been coordinated with the airport authority at which the carrier serves. 

The Aviation Authority stands ready to assist the airlines serving Tampa International Airport and is committed to assisting each airline in meeting these new requirements. 

In the event an airline has a flight that meets the time thresholds that trigger their contingency plan for lengthy tarmac delays, the Aviation Authority may assist the airline in a variety of ways to include: 

  • Make available Aviation Authority common use gates 
  • Make available remote hardstand parking positions 
  • Escort ground support equipment on the movement area to remote parked aircraft 
  • Provide transportation support for instances of off-gate remote deplaning of passengers 

“We are fortunate at Tampa International Airport,” said John Wheat, Interim Executive Director, “we have the resources available to assist our tenants in the event of unforeseen tarmac delays. As always, we remain committed to safety, security and customer convenience.” 

For further information on the new regulation, visit www.dot.gov.