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Donation allows Travelers Aid service to continue serving those in need

Signature Flight Support handed over a generous $10,000 check Monday to keep the program running through 2022.

Travelers Aid

Help for travelers in need will continue to be available at TPA, thanks in part to a generous donation from Signature Flight Support.

The FBO presented a check for $10,000 Monday to fund the airport’s Travelers Aid booth through 2022.

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay runs the program using volunteers to help people stranded at the airport or who may be disconnected from their support systems.

The booth is open 7 days a week and can be found on the ticketing level, near the Spirit Airlines Counter and next to the USO office.

“Travelers Aid does something very special and very unique,” said Crisis Center of Tampa Bay President Clara Reynolds. “That investment truly does ensure no one has to face crisis alone.”

Signature Flight Support, one of TPA’s long time tenants, stepped up last year to sponsor the program and decided to continue funding Travelers Aid for the second year in a row.

“We feel good about it because people come off airplanes and sometimes they need help,” said Signature Flight Support General Manager Bill Sneesby. “This is a help to the community. If we put our best foot forward for Tampa, people are going to continue coming to Tampa.” 

The Travelers Aid Society was originally founded in 1850 and has been serving travelers through the Tampa Bay area since 1924.

The Travelers Aid booth at TPA dates back to the Airport’s early days and today helps passengers with everything from simple needs like providing a facemask or a diaper to more serious issues like assisting survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

A big thanks to our friends at Signature Flight Support for allowing this valuable service to continue.