18:03 PM

Nicholas Pollock, ITS Service Desk Manager

Nicholas Pollock is a man of routine. For him, consistency and reliability is what keeps everything running smoothly in life.

At home with the kids, it’s tacos every Tuesday night, pizza every Friday night, and once a week, his wife makes his favorite Filipino dish, Adobo.

Reliability and efficiency are the cornerstones of a happy environment, and Nicholas uses these same qualities to excel at his job as ITS Service Desk Manager at Tampa International Airport.

Nicholas comes to work in the morning with one goal in mind: to make the Aviation Authority employees jobs’ easier. He accomplishes that goal by assisting his team in removing roadblocks that may make employees’ tasks harder like slow network speed, computer hardware issues or the dreaded password reset.

“If you don’t have these technology roadblocks, you’re going to want to come to work,” Nicholas said. “You’re going to want to attack the things that you know you’re good at without having technology issues.”

When an employee calls IT, the Service Desk acts as a entry point into the department, delegating “tickets” to different teams based on their skill set and current work load. This allows the department to automate solutions, resolve larger issues and bring a  higher level of consistency to the IT experience.

The IT Department is stepping up its service and automation even more in early December 2019 when it opens a new Service Desk office in the Main Terminal that will allow IT to be more accessible to everyone and educate employees so they can more quickly solve their own recurrent issues and streamline processes. Nicholas will play a big role at the Service Desk.

Before Nicholas began his career at the Tampa International Airport, he struggled to connect the dots between his work and the impact it had on his community. He worked at Best Buy before Geek Squad was a thing, and spent 17 years of his adult life at Dell – working in the field and in call centers around the world.

“I did so many good things for companies across the globe in Washington or Scotland or Canada, and there was all this positive impact everywhere, but I could never see it on my way home,” Nicholas said. “I could never get in my car and drive home and say, ‘Hey, I helped that guy.’ I was really searching for what my impact would be. I wanted to have local impact. That’s why I came here – everyone knows Tampa International Airport.”

Today, knowing that he works for a company with a strong impact on the community that will benefit his two children – Trent, 8, and Valerie, 5 – makes his drive to work that much more enjoyable.