22:06 PM

Employee Spotlight: Officer Jean Tremblay

When the Tampa International Airport Police Chief initially broke the good news, Officer Jean Tremblay thought the Chief was kidding.

“We’re always joking around with each other,” Officer Tremblay said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The big announcement, which is definitely real: Tremblay has been named the Tampa International Airport Police Department Officer of the Year. He will be recognized at the virtual Sykes Heroes Officer of the Year ceremony on May 6.

Chief Charlie Vazquez selected Tremblay for the honor based his work with the selection committee of the Airport’s Public Safety Dispatch and Records Management System. The system will have a positive impact on both the police department and Airport Operations Center for years to come.

In 2020, Tremblay volunteered to serve on the team that would select a new $1.25 million public safety software system. In addition to evaluating the technical aspects of the project, Tremblay also met with stakeholders, gathered feedback and created many of the templates that enable the system to function as efficiently as possible for the officers. As the RMS Subject Matter Expert, he continues to provide users with the necessary 16 hours of training required to operate the system.

Tremblay says that his participation on the project team was a natural fit.

“I’ve always been interested in computers and electronics, ever since I was kid,” says Tremblay. “I had a computer in my room, years before it was common for kids to have computers.”

In fact, when Tremblay was contemplating a new career early on, he was looking into college courses in electronics. That’s when his dad reminded him of his childhood fascination with detective work.

Tremblay thought about it, and decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

He served as a detention deputy in Hillsborough County for more than nine years, when he says that it was time to transition into law enforcement. He enrolled in school to become a certified officer and went to college at night after his regular shift.

Tremblay says that the Airport Police Department’s patrol style, with officers dedicated to a specific location, is a perfect fit for him. He laughs when he says it’s reminiscent of growing up in the small town of Clarksville, TN where “everybody knows everybody.” His social nature of walking and talking allows him to get to know his fellow employees while patrolling his beat, the Airport’s new Rental Car Center.

“It’s community-style policing, which is very effective.” says Tremblay. “They get to know me and know that they can reach out and talk to me when they see something that looks out of place.”

He says that the combination of current duties as a patrol officer as well as project manager and trainer for the new dispatch and records management software system, have brought all of his skills together and it’s very rewarding.

When his patrol shift is over, Tremblay says that he enjoys spending time with his fiancé Kim and two young children. And after hours, he says, it’s time to relax and get back to his love of electronics.

“When the kids are asleep, Kim and I break out the Mario Kart,” he laughs. “It’s just our thing.”