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Feeling frio? Meet three of TPA's warmest nonstop destinations

Baby, it's cold outside - for some of you. Even in Tampa, lately, our temps have been less than beach weather with some dropping even below 50's... *GRAB YOUR SWEATERS, NATIVES*

If you're sick of the chilly climate, check out three of our warmest nonstop destinations:


Think of a place with clear blue waters, white sand beaches and an average annual temp of 80 degrees. Are you thinking Cancun, Mexico? Us too.  

With JetBlue's new route nonstop to this Gulf Coast gem, you can get from your Airport gate to resort in less than two hours. The constant beautiful weather makes it the perfect vacation if you're looking for somewhere to social distance outdoors away from crowds while enjoying the natural zen that comes from waves crashing at your toes.

U.S. travel is not banned to and from this city, however, passengers and crew may be subject to health screening upon arrival. A negative COVID-19 test is not required, but curfews are in place city-wide, and there are some restrictions on intercity travel. 

Our suggestions: get tested before you travel, wear a face covering whenever inside or unable to keep a 6-foot distance and DON'T travel if you're feeling sick. 

For the most up-to-date info on restrictions or regulations, click here. 

Get to Cancun nonstop on JetBlue Airways

Key West

There's a place in South Florida - like really south -  where the sun is (almost) always shining, the outdoor activities are abundant and there's water everywhere you look. This place, Key West, is the southernmost point in the continental U.S. and is now accepting ~responsible~ visitors. Face masks are required at most indoor and outdoor areas where 6-foot distancing isn't possible, and the city plans on implementing a city-wide curfew later this month. Beaches, watersports and most parks are open, but the city recommends checking with the tourism facility or charter operator in advance to learn if all areas or services are open, such as bathrooms and concessions.

Nonstop service to Key West is avaiable now on Silver Airways and is scheduled to launch Dec. 17 on American.

Panama City, Panama

Situated along the Pacific Ocean's side of the Panama Canal, this city offers beautiful waterside parks, outdoor activities and tons of culture. If you make it to this beautiful city (either now - negative COVID-test required, or later) be sure to check out Casco Viejo, Money Island or relax canal-side where the climate is tropical year-round. 

The Government of Panama requires a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or Antigen) within 48 hours prior to travel and individuals entering Panama must complete and sign an electronic sworn affidavit prior to check-in. A daily curfew from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. is in place, but there are no intercity travel restrictions. For more information, click here.

Nonstop flights to Panama City, Panama on Copa Airlines are scheduled to resume Jan. 8, 2021.