18:11 PM

First new concessions hit major milestone

(Feb. 4, 2016) Construction on two of Tampa International Airport’s most prominent concessions – Hard Rock Café and P.F. Chang’s – hit major milestones recently as the spaces were turned over to the concessionaires for the final buildout.

With the turnover, crews will begin to transform the empty shells into the actual restaurants, crafting a space that fits their needs and aesthetic. They will add new structures and kitchens, and place all the finishing touches. Hard Rock Cafe at buildout

It took a lot of work to get to this point.

Construction on the east side of the Main Terminal began in late 2014 with the demolition of the Airport’ east side quad decks. In early 2015, the first construction walls went up on the third floor/transfer level, allowing interior demolition to commence. Heavy demo continued into the spring and, in April, crews delivered the first shipment of structural steel for the new east side dining terraces.

As the terraces went up, the existing shuttles to Airside A and C came out and the exterior curtain wall came down. New concrete was poured, columns were strengthened and enlarged and a maze of new wires, pipes and air handling ducts were added. A new glass curtain wall started going into place in the fall, bringing the vision of the east side dining terraces into focus.

The terrace’s metal roof, and shiny metal cladding, were placed, as concrete column wraps enclosed fire proofed steel. Inside, new ceilings were installed, new drywall placed and the all metal and glass shuttle lobbies created.

There’s still a ways to go, but the finished restaurant is in sight. P.F. Chang’s and Hard Rock are expected to open by late spring 2016.

This year will bring a lot of concessions changes. More than 30 of the 65 new shops and restaurants coming to Tampa International Airport will open in 2016. The new concessions options include a wider variety of choices than ever before, including more local brands. Roughly 40 percent of the food and beverages options are local, featuring such staples as Columbia, Cigar City, Ducky’s, RumFish Grill, Buddy Brew and the Café by Mise en Place.