22:59 PM

Five things happening at the SkyCenter site right now

Before you can go up, you must go down - underground that is.

Since January, design-builder Hensel Phelps has been busy transforming what lies beneath the 35-acre SkyCenter development site to prepare the land for future construction, including a new atrium, elevated pedestrian walkway, office building and other commercial development.

Click here to check out five construction activities happening at the SkyCenter right now:

Importing tons of dirt













Construction workers are bringing in tons (and tons and tons and tons) of dirt to build pads for the new SkyCenter atrium to rest on. The SkyCenter buildings will be elevated about five feet above the surrounding area.


Removing old utilities













Crews are digging up old utilities in preparation for the new site development.


Building underground supports 













Workers have placed 67 underground drilled piers. These are massive concrete and rebar piers that ultimately support the building above. This photo shows the piers that will eventually support the elevator shaft, which will be the first vertical structure for the new atrium.


Placing support footers













Concrete footers, like this one shown here, also help support the building structure above.


Installing sanitary sewers and storm sewers













Workers have been busy installing a new sanitary sewer, which will serve the new Cell Phone Waiting Lot restrooms. The Cell Lot will be reconfigured and refreshed, including new flight arrival/departure boards.