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Five TPA travel hacks to bring joy to your spring break journey

Looking to take your travel game to the next level? Here are five travel hacks to get the best possible experience along your journey through TPA.  

#1. TPA to Go 

You’ve parked, made it through security and found your gate – that’s when you hear it: a low rumble coming from deep inside your stomach. You’re hungry. But you don’t want to leave your gate. With TPA to Go, you don’t have to. This service allows passengers and visitors to order ahead, skip the lines and pick up their food when it’s ready at no additional charge or have your order delivered directly to you at your gate or wherever you like in the airport for only $4.99.

Tampa International Airport’s restaurants have mastered TPA to Go since it first launched last March. It is now available at most dining locations Airport-wide. Want Columbia, but you’re at Airside C? No worries. With TPA to Go, you can order delivery from ANY airside or the Main Terminal no matter where you are in the Airport. Click here to check it out.  

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#2. Starbucks Mobile Ordering 

Got a taste for a grande iced mocha Frappuccino with extra whip and chocolate drizzle, but not feeling the Starbucks line? Hack number two is brought to you by Starbucks only, but is the perfect tip for coffee lovers and early morning travelers alike. Just download the Starbucks app, choose your location and place your order. When your item is ready, you’ll get a notification to pick it up straight from the end counter. So skip the line and shop around while you wait or hang by your gate until it's time to scoop up your java fix.  

#3. Mishi Pay 

Fun to say, easy to pay. Mishi Pay, a new way to scan and pay for your goods via your cell phone, recently hit a number of shops at Tampa International Airport. The process is simple: Visit one of the participating shops, scan the Mishi Pay QR code, scan your item and pay via your phone (notice we didn’t mention standing in line!). This new service is available at News Channel 8 on Airside C, Stellar News at Airsides A, C and F, and Tampa Bay Sports/Mindworks in the Main Terminal.  

#4. Book parking ahead and save 

Book. Park. Save. It’s that easy. Last April, TPA launched a new online parking reservation system allowing passengers to save money on Airport parking by reserving online in advance. To date, more than 60,000 guests have utilized the service where you will always find the best rates for parking at TPA. Just click here, choose your travel dates and pay for your parking ahead of time. 

#5. Want less stress? Choose Express 

Looking for an easier way to get to your gate with less traffic congestion, less foot traffic and less walking distance? Choose Express! TPA’s new Blue Express Curbsides allow for an expedited, stress-free journey from curb to gate and vice-versa for passengers with no checked bags who can bypass airline ticket counters or baggage claim. The new curbside is as dazzling as it is functional with new public art gracing the space. The Blue Express Curbs work with rideshare apps too, so next time you book a ride, choose Express drop off or pick up on your way to or from the Airport for an easier experience.