18:13 PM

Five ways TPA is keeping you cool this summer

Things are heating up at Tampa International Airport, and we’re not just talking about the number of passengers streaming through our doors. With temperatures reaching the sweltering 90s, TPA has put its cooling mechanisms in overdrive, bringing you cold treats and putting a nice chill in the air. Here are five ways we're making our passengers comfortable during the summer months in Florida.

The CUP:  That circular slab of concrete with the pretty waterfalls located on our circular drive isn't just for looks. That's our newlyCup1 finished Central Utility Plant - nicknamed the CUP - and it's the powerhouse that fuels that crisp, cool air you feel in our terminals. And bonus: It’s 30 percent more efficient than our previous central energy system, which means it's also better for the environment.

ICE-COLD BEVERAGES: Our grab-and-go coolers located at shops throughout the Airport have plenty of cold bottles of water, iced tea, soda, energy drinks and other options to keep you hydrated. But if you have some extra time to relax and want a drink with some zing, try our Spirit of Flight, a special fruity Spirit of Flight cocktailcocktail mixed specifically for TPA. It's available at bars located throughout the Main Terminal and Airsides.

A COMFY ARRIVAL:  For many years, passengers arriving at TPA were hit with a heat wave the second they stepped off the plane and onto the jet bridges leading to the terminals. That's no longer the case, thanks to our award-winning efforts to air-condition our jet bridges, which was no simple task. In 2017, we retrofitted our dozens of existing jet bridges and several new ones with customized A/C systems that ensure a cooler welcome to all who land in Tampa so that the only warmth they feel after arriving is from hugs.

GINORMOUS FANS: We’re a fan of our giant fans. Look up and you'll see them located anywhere our air-conditioning doesn't reach, such as our outdoor patios and our commercial curbs at the new SkyCenter One building. Fun fact: Airside A, which was built pre-9/11 and before TPA had the needYogurtology - Frozen Yogurt for checkpoint areas, is the only Airside terminal that has the big fans to help cool passengers as they wait in line. They're not needed at the other Airside checkpoints, which are designed with A/C cooling those areas. 

FROYO FUN: Last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget cooling down with a sweet treat. There's nothing quite like customizing your own cup of frozen yogurt with several different toppings from Yogurtology in Airside F. It's sweet, delicious and the perfect way to chill out before catching your flight.