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From Desk to 5K On the Runway, TPA employee finds inspiration

(May 2, 2018)  When Stephanie Pierce joined the Aviation Authority’s Desk to 5K group a few months ago, her main goal was simply to be more active. The TPA Business Diversity Manager had a gym membership she barely used, was more of a walker than a jogger and she realized she spent a lot of time sitting in meetings and at her desk. stephanie pierce

After completing the eight-week program, she surprised even herself at the April 21st TPA 5K on the Runway. For the first time ever, Stephanie was able to run the entire 5K without stopping, finishing with her best time ever.

“That, to me, is a major feat,” Stephanie said. “I was very pleased, and I’m still doing Desk to 5K on my own because I feel like I can shave even more time off my next one.”

Stephanie credited TPA Senior Manager of Sustainability and Wellness Melissa Solberg and the Desk to 5K group for “getting me off my butt and to the gym again.”

“It was just nothing but positive support,” she said. “Now I’m actually getting my money’s worth out of my gym membership!”

And speaking of positive support, the TPA 5K on the Runway was once again a huge success thanks to the many volunteers and sponsors who helped at the sold-out run. Many said they loved the new location on Runway 10/28 and runners of all ages and abilities were able to finish and enjoy food, entertainment and prize drawings at the end.

Best of all: The 5K raised nearly $100,000 for the United Way Suncoast, kicking off TPA’s giving campaign to support the organization throughout the year.