15:42 PM

Frontline Faces: Alejandro Rivera

When Alejandro Rivera started with the Aviation Authority 15 years ago, he didn’t anticipate his then-role as a Tradesworker to blossom into his current role as an Airfield Maintenance Supervisor. But with his daily hard work, positive attitude and team management skills, he climbed his way up the ladder in TPA’s Maintenance Department.

“In my time with the Authority, I’ve learned that doing good is not good enough for me,” Alejandro said. “I want to exceed expectations with everything I do.”

Alejandro wakes up every morning at 4 a.m. and says a quick prayer for his family and friends. He then heads to work where he manages a team of seven employees who maintain the integrity of the Airfield – an important job when you’re working for a busy Airport. 

His favorite part of the job? The fact that he’s always learning – and he’s never afraid of a challenge.

“You never stop learning here. There are new challenges every day, and that keeps me on my toes,” he said. “I love adapting to the changes at the Airport, and by doing that, I know I’m making a difference.”