19:54 PM

Frontline Faces: Anthony Alonso, Property Control Specialist

Anthony Alonso is the first to admit: The Aviation Authority has been good to him.

Shortly after starting his job as a Traffic Specialist in 2008, the Tampa native took advantage of the Authority’s tuition reimbursement benefit and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He then completed police academy training and became a Tampa International Airport Police Officer.

He quickly realized being a cop wasn’t for him and returned back to the Traffic Division in 2012 where he moved into a Senior Traffic Specialist role. Then, about a year and a half ago, he switched tracks again and took a job in the Procurement Department as a Property Control Specialist in TPA’s Central Warehouse.

The role is Anthony’s first time since joining the Authority that allows him to work daytime hours, which helps him to spend more time with his 6-year-old daughter. He loves the job, which involves managing and maintaining the Authority’s inventory and making deliveries to the various employees, facilities and departments throughout the airport and Authority. He handles everything from the beads TPA throws off of its Gasparilla Children’s Parade floats to the TVs the general aviation airports use for events to basic supplies and furniture to TPA offices.

“Any items that get depleted have to be reordered and replenished,” Anthony said. “Even though the airport traffic has slowed and we’re working split shifts to stay safe, we’re still just as busy serving our customers throughout the company. We work 24/7, assisting our HVAC and electrical workers and other employees who need parts or supplies to make repairs.”

To learn more about Anthony’s team and the Central Warehouse, go to https://www.tampaairport.com/materials-management.