15:36 PM

Frontline Faces: Chris Van Meter, Airfield Operations

"You’d think that the airfield would be quieter these days, but that’s really not the case. Sure, there are fewer planes in the air, but on the ground we’re doing more preventative maintenance and construction. We’re spending a lot of time closing runways and taxiways, escorting construction workers and doing our daily inspections. The airfield is constantly changing, and we are also seeing more planes wrapped up for long-term storage. That’s when they cover up the engines and other sensitive components to protect against corrosion and to keep wildlife from nesting in them. It’s just weird to see that happening all around. I’m grateful for the job – especially when I’ve seen so many guys I went to school with furloughed or laid off. I’m also grateful to be working at a place that keeps vital goods and services flowing. We’re part of the team that makes sure those transactions will continue. It feels good."