16:14 PM

Frontline Faces: Melaney Giraldo, Traffic Specialist

In the two short years she has worked at TPA as a Traffic Specialist, Melaney Giraldo has seen a lot of changes. To go from the Airport's busiest holiday traffic period in late 2019 to one of the slowest this past spring took some adjustment.

"I like all the people and staying busy," Melaney said. "My favorite thing is to help customers who need a Spanish translator and I enjoy having the busier traffic."

She admits, during her first couple of record-breaking traffic holiday seasons, it was overwhelming.

"At first I was scared," she laughed. "I didn't know what to expect each day."

But she enjoys bringing order to chaos, much like her previous days of working at a daycare before coming to TPA. She worked on the ramp for Menzies Aviation before joining the Aviation Authority as a Traffic Specialist.

"We now have slow days and busy days," she said. "It comes and goes. I'm starting to enjoy the change of pace each day."