15:17 PM

Frontline Faces: Officer Preyer and K9 Barclay

Meet Tampa International Airport Police Department Officer John Preyer and his four-legged partner, K9 Barclay. They are among the many Frontline Faces on the job for the passengers and employees at TPA.Outstanding individuals like Officer Preyer and Barclay help keep our Airport safe and secure as we continue meeting the essential transportation needs of our Tampa Bay community.

“Barclay and I have been together at TPA for two years now. We walk the terminal, respond to unattended bags and keep a high visibility. It’s important for us to be there when people need help - no matter the circumstances. Barclay loves working. When he sees me putting my uniform on, he’s right at the door. And he’s always working when he’s here. Look at his nose, he’s always sniffing." - Tampa International Airport Police Department Officer Preyer.