20:20 PM

Frontline Faces: Officer Veronica Hamilton

Ever since Tampa native Veronica Hamilton was a sophomore in high school, she dreamed of a career in law enforcement.

“I just knew it was for me,” says Hamilton. “A job where there was constant activity and excitement, while at the same time you’re always helping people.”

As a young female in a male-dominated field, Hamilton says that she met plenty of roadblocks along the way and at times felt discouraged. But she persisted and continued to follow her dream.

Hamilton’s hometown is all the better for it.

She proudly served her community with the Tampa Police Department for more than 28 years before hanging up her handcuffs and retiring from the police force.

But retirement was short-lived. Hamilton is back on the job, this time with the Tampa International Airport Police Department.

“I just love working here,” she says. “You’re still focused on keeping the guests safe, but you’re also doing your best to be helpful and provide a pleasant experience.”

Although she grew up “just around the corner” from TPA, Hamilton says that once you get a behind-the-scenes look, you gain a completely new appreciation for the Airport.

“You don’t realize how massive it is,” she says. “And you gain a real appreciation for the design, the art and the efficiency.”

Hamilton says that she doesn’t know how long this next chapter of her career will be. She does have a goal in mind, though.

“I want to be a positive force behind the badge, one which exemplifies professionalism, commonality with guests and serving as an advocate in promoting a well-rounded experience for all who visit TPA.”