22:30 PM

Getting around in Frankfurt: A short, easy guide to German public transportation

Few places around the world value on-time reliability, speed and efficiency than Germany, so those visiting Frankfurt – whether for business or vacation – will take delight in the public transportation options and how easy it is to get around the city. After taking the 9-hour nonstop Lufthansa flight from Tampa to Frankfurt, you can hop on the city’s super-easy RMV metro system, which has a wonderful app that makes purchasing digital tickets or mapping your route a breeze. Just plug in where you want to go and the app or website will tell you which U-bahn or S-bahn train to take, what time it comes (on the dot!) and how many connections there are, if any. A one-way ticket to most destinations will typically run around 3 euros or less.

Once you’re at your destination, the bus is a great option for shorter trips as well as wee-morning-travel at, say, 2 a.m. when the metro lines slow down their frequencies. There’s a night-liner that runs from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. for the late night partiers and the graveyard shifters. Pro-tip: Checkmybus.com is a great resource for figuring out bus and other public lines, and it covers Frankfurt as well as other locations around the world.

For longer journeys, such as day-trips to nearby towns, the Deutsche Bahn regional trains are a clean, comfortable mode of moving around the country and offer various types of tickets, including the popular “flexible fares” for visitors and tourists who like to trek on a whim.

Speaking of flexibility, Tampa International Airport now has nonstop flights up to six times a week on Lufthansa, giving you more options for departing and return dates. Book your flights at www.Lufthansa.com.