15:49 PM

Giant flamingo public art installation advances at TPA

TPA has long been known for its intuitive design, speedy lines and convenience. Now, the Airport has an exciting new signature feature: a 21-foot flamingo sculpture in the center of the Main Terminal.

The giant bird’s head, neck and legs are now in place near The Shoppes at Bayshore. Full completion of the project is slated for late April/early May.

HOME, by Matthew Mazzotta, is a colorful, floor-to-ceiling sculpture that depicts a flamingo as it gently dips its head beneath the surface of the water, an illusion created by metal panels and lighting that will be attached to the ceiling as part of the artwork. The immersive installation transports people underwater, inviting them to walk up and share a simple moment in the life of one of Florida’s most well-known birds. This long-awaited artwork has garnered national and international attention since it was first announced following approval by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority’s Board of Directors in February of 2020. HOME was chosen among one of more than 700 art proposals submitted from around the world.

"Tampa International Airport has always been a champion of iconic public art as a way to welcome our visitors and give them a sense of wonder and whimsy when they arrive in our beautiful region," said Chris Minner, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications at TPA and a member of the Airport’s public art committee. "We’re certain that ‘Home’ will help create memories and inspire people of all ages who begin and end their travel journeys at TPA."

Project completion will take several weeks as ceiling panels that will give the illusion that the bird is dipping its head underwater still need to be installed. Passersby will be able to see the project take shape throughout the installation process.

Once completed, the sculpture is meant to be interacted with and even touched for visitors to fully immerse themselves in the flamingo’s habitat.

For more information on ‘Home’ or other works of public art at TPA, please visit: https://www.tampaairport.com/PublicArt