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HSN all fun and games at TPA

(Nov. 5, 2015) HSN isn’t set to open its storefront at Tampa International until spring of 2017 as part of the airport’s concessions remake. But the company is already featuring the airport in programming for the network’s 94 million viewers.

Camera crews and TV personalities descended on the airport October 27 to film skits and games for two shows: The Monday Night Show and Friday Night Game night. Sean Daly taping at TPA

Sean Daly, host of Friday Night Game Night, which airs November 6 at 8 p.m., interviewed and videotaped passengers at Airside C asking them for ‘two truths and a lie.’ During the on-air segment, contestants will watch the video of the passengers sharing their travel-related stories and try to guess which part of the story is a lie to win prizes. Another segment will require game show contestants in the studio to guess whether passengers are arriving or departing.

Daly said the Airport was the perfect venue for the video segments, since travelers not only have great stories to share, but he can always find people willing to participate in the games.

“It’s easy to find people with a great sense of humor in the Airport,” said Daly. “They’re having fun and there is a sense of adventure. And there really are so many great stories.”

World-famous travel expert Samantha Brown joined host Adam Freeman at the Airport for the taping of segments for The Monday Night Show.  The pair selected travelers at the baggage claim belt for Extreme Luggage Makeovers, in which they swapped out passengers’ old, broken and cumbersome luggage for pieces from her signature collection.

To set up the segments, Brown and Freeman taped additional footage around the Airport, including spots behind-the-scenes in the baggage makeup area and at the airport fire station.

In a break from taping, Brown said that she is a “big fan” of Tampa International Airport and has visited many times, complementing the Airport’s easy layout, cleanliness and the courtesy of the employees.

“I have people asking me all the time to recommend a vacation destination, and I tell them this…if you are traveling, especially family trips, make sure you check out the airport.  It’s important because the airport experience can make or break your trip,” said Brown.  “It really can make all the difference.”

The Monday Night Show aired on November 2. You can still watch the show on the company’s website at HSN.com, just type in the keywords The Monday Night Show.

HSN will be opening a storefront in the Main Terminal as part of the new concessions program.  The store will be branded TravelSmith, a travel apparel and gear outfitter owned by HSN.  It will be the company’s first brick and mortar store.