16:59 PM

Major FDOT project to close ramp to Veterans Expressway off Airport parkway

No major airport traffic impacts are expected as drivers will be rerouted to another exit with access to SR 589.

SR 589 ramp closure new

Drivers heading to the Veterans Expressway as they exit Tampa International Airport will soon notice a slight detour due to an extended ramp closure during road construction.

The Florida Department of Transportation is planning to close the first ramp motorists encounter as they leave the TPA campus on the George J. Bean Parkway, which leads to the northbound Veterans Expressway, also known as State Road 589.

The ramp is being shut down as part of work to widen westbound SR 60. Crews will be widening lanes at the end of the ramp to ease merging onto SR 60 as it connects to SR 589.

The closure is scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. on Sunday, May 14, and will last through the end of October 2023.

Drivers will be rerouted to the ramp off the George J. Bean Parkway immediately after the Veterans Expressway ramp, which currently directs westbound traffic to SR 60/Clearwater. FDOT will post signage that says vehicles also can reach SR 589/Veterans Expressway via the second ramp.

To learn more about FDOT’s SR 60 Westbound Widening project, go here.