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‘Plane Speaking @FlyTPA’ elects new club officers

On Wednesday, June 15, Plane Speaking @FlyTPA, TPA's corporate Toastmaster's Club, elected officers to its seven-member leadership team. The leadership team draws talent from across the Authority and promises to bring a fresh perspective to many leadership roles.  

Meet the 22-23 Plane Speaking Officers and learn about their work at TPA, fun-or-little-known facts about them, and why they believe in Toastmasters.  

Staney elected President 


Plane Speaking @FlyTPA elected Tim Staney, the club’s fifth president since its chartering in 2017. The president, along with the other officers, set the tone for the club and devise the Club Success Plan. 

Tim @ TPA: Tim is a Sr. Project Manager for Information Technology Services and serves on the ITS Engagement Team and the HCAA Employee Experience Council. He has been a member of Toastmasters since 2020.

Fun-Fact: “I have a secret DJ hobby. I enjoy mixing club music, and in my 20s and 30s, I worked part-time as a club DJ on weekends. I took up the hobby again during COVID as a way to pass time on the weekends when we were largely homebound.” Tim’s ‘secret’ DJ hobby isn’t-so-secret any more. He has been the DJ for TPA Pride events as well as the TPA 5K on the Runway to benefit the United Way Suncoast. 

Tim on Toastmasters: “I think everyone is afraid of public speaking in their own way. Toastmasters has taught me that we all, despite our differences and diversity, are on the same journey and have similar goals. We all want to improve how we communicate with others. We all have a desire for personal or professional growth. It’s about getting a little bit better each day – each speech, each project – in a supportive environment. Through Plane Speaking I have befriended an amazing support system across the Authority that has helped me learn and grow, and hone my public speaking and presenting skills.”                 

Tiffany Kennedy elected Vice President of Education (VPE) 

APD 1Tiffany Kennedy was elected VPE, a critical role in Toastmasters. Clubs rely on the VPE to schedule speeches, verify and track the completion of Pathways projects, and manage the club's mentor program.

Tiffany @ TPA: Tiffany joined the Authority in April 2015 as an Audit Administrative Assistant. In July 2016, she became the Administration Manager for the Public Safety & Security Department. She was a founding member of Plane Speaking @FlyTPA in November 2017 and thanks Carol Marino and Ron Klimley for getting the club started.   

Fun-Fact: Tiffany is a Florida native. She was born in Orlando, Florida, attended and graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!), and currently resides in Pasco County with her hubby, kiddos, and 2-year-old Labradoodle. 

Tiffany on Toastmasters: “Toastmasters can take you on an exciting journey. You get to meet and interact with people from other departments that you may never get to interact with otherwise. Ice Breakers and Table Topics are my favorite. Ice Breakers allow you a chance to get to know things about people that are quite interesting.” 

Christine Labutay elected Vice President of Membership (VPM) 

ChristineLRecruiting and maintaining members is the lifeblood of all Toastmasters clubs. The VPM supervises the recruiting and membership process by collecting new applications and assisting new members with enrollment. Christine is also the Past President of Plane Speaking, has a rich history with the club as a charter member, and brings a wealth of experience.   

Christine @ TPA: Christine has served HCAA for 6 years as an ITS Application Support Analyst for HR, Benefits, Payroll, Timekeeping, and Communications.

Fun-Fact: Christine plays in a 9-Ball Pool League. 
Christine on Toastmasters: “It’s an amazing development opportunity to help enhance public speaking, presentation, listening, time management, and organizational skills. It’s a great place to meet and make connections with other Authority employees who you otherwise don’t get to work with.” 

Plane Speaking elects Ouellette and Garcia-Vargas as co-Vice Presidents of Membership (VPPRs) 

For the first time in the club’s history, the club has elected two members as co-VPPRs. The role of VPPR is to generate positive awareness of the Toastmasters brand to attracting and retaining members. It requires keeping club members informed about club or district activities through effective communication channels and media relations. 

DwinellDwinell Ouellette and Kenny Garcia-Vargas nominated each other, during the election, and appealed to club members to ‘job share’ the role of VPPR. The response was positively overwhelming. “I think this speaks to the spirit of innovation here at the Authority – that these two gentleman have stepped up to partner on this important role,” said Ron Klimley who officiated the Wednesday, June 15 elections.  

Dwinell @ TPA: “I have worked for the Authority for five years. I do traffic for the Airport Police Department and am an Airport Resource Officer.” Dwinell also holds many other volunteer roles at TPA including: Quality Improvement Team (representing Traffic), Toys for Tots Committee Representative, F.A.S.T. Team Member, a Stormrider, and an Employee Experience Council Member. Dwinell has been a member of Plane Speaking for about a year. 

Fun-Fact: “I like to create things for people. I have created many different things for people around the airport. I've made Lego mini figurines of people around the airport, die-cast models of TPA cars, coffee mugs, and stickers. There is no better feeling than to give somebody something with so thought and personal to them, that cannot just be purchased at a store.” 

Dwinell on Toastmasters: “Plane Speaking is not just rewarding, it’s a fun and friendly environment.”

Kenny 2Kenny @ TPA: Kenny has been a Traffic Senior Supervisor with the Tampa International Airport Police Department for five years. “I make sure traffic operations run smoothly along with some administrative work,” he said. Kenny joined Plane Speaking in 2022. 

Fun-Fact: “One of my hobbies is cutting hair, and a fun fact is that I am also ordained. During the pandemic, one of the Authority employees had to cancel his wedding, so I officiated for them at the airport chapel.”

Kenny on Toastmasters: “My time at Toastmasters has been very beneficial. I have been able to meet many members of different departments and have made many connections. Toastmasters has helped me communicate more efficiently, and I have implemented what I have learned in my supervisor role.”

Ana Di Domenico White elected Secretary

AnaThe club secretary maintains Club records and correspondence, including the club roster, charter, constitution, and bylaws. The Secretary keeps a record of the club meetings and activities.

Ana @ TPA: Ana has been ITS Business Office Manager for three and a half years. She joined Plane Speaking in 2022. 

Fun-Fact about Ana: “I am a beach person; I need ‘vitamin sea’ at least once a week!”

Ana on Toastmasters: "I think people hear 'Public Speaking' and want to run for the hills, but it is truly a fun environment, and our members have made such a welcoming club. When I came on board, the officers in place were exceptional in their willingness to show me the ropes and suggested ways to get involved. Plane Speaking is plain awesome!"

Chris Reyes elected Treasurer for a third-term

ChrisRThe club Treasurer at Plane Speaking works closely with Human Resources to manage the club’s balance and budget. The Treasurer also maintains membership dues payments with Toastmasters World Headquarters (accompanied by the names of renewing, and keeps timely, accurate, up-to-date financial records for the club.

Chris @ TPA: Chris has been with the Authority for three 3 years and serves as a Risk and Claims Manager. She joined Plane Speaking in 2018. 

Fun-Fact: Chris loves traveling, cooking, and photography. She has competed in ballroom dancing competitions in the past and was once on A&E in a re-enactment crime show where she played a Tampa cop that went undercover to catch a killer.

Chris on Toastmasters: “I love that I not only get the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills and overcome my fear of speaking in front of large crowds, but I get to meet people from other departments that I may never have had the chance to work with. I love our little family.”

Chris Rhodes elected Sergeant-at-Arms 

RhodesThe Sergeant-at-Arms tracks the club's physical property, such as the banner, lectern, timing device, and other meeting materials. They prepare the meeting place for members, obtain new space when necessary, and maintain contact with the people who manage Authority meeting spaces.

Chris @ TPA: Chris joined the Authority in 2016 as a Senior Construction Inspector. He is currently a Construction Project Manager with Planning and Development. He joined Plane Speaking in October 2021. 

Fun-Fact: “I love to sing. I was a member of the Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony for over ten years and competed in many international competitions. I’ve sung the National Anthem for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Rays. My wife and I have our own fully decked out Karaoke room at home with professional mics, sound system, and lighting.”  

Chris on Toastmasters: “It’s funny. I could probably grab a microphone and sing a song to a stadium full of people but if you ask me to speak in front of a small group, my brain just locks up and fear takes over.  I joined Toastmasters to squash my fear of public speaking.”

An Officer Induction and Pinning Ceremony is planned for Friday, Aug. 12 in the SkyCenter ONE Boardroom at 2 p.m. 

Visit the Toastmasters and Plane Speaking @FlyTPA website here.

Membership information can be obtained through Christine Labutay, VP of Membership (CLabutay@TampaAirport.com), or any club officer.