19:17 PM

Tampa International Airport CEO Lopano Announces New Leadership Team

February 23, 2011

TAMPA – Tampa International Airport today announced a new organizational structure that better reflects its core beliefs and its future goals. 

The new structure is designed around the initial core beliefs of the organization:

  •  To maintain our excellence in customer service 
  •  To make the Airport more competitive in a very competitive business 
  •  To increase our presence and positive impact on our region 
  •  To ensure open, transparent and efficient processes 

The new structure also introduces a “corporatized” title system that is better understood by the general public and other companies that the airport works with. Lopano’s direct reports will now be known as Vice Presidents. The new structure also helps to reinforce the business focused approach of the new management. 

“This organization is evolving and will continue to be adjusted as we recruit for the best management team in the country,” said Lopano. 

The new organization is led by six Vice Presidents. The prior organizational chart included 13 executive level positions. Three of the new VP positions will be filled by current senior staff at the Airport, while three others, VP Marketing, VP Finance and Administration and VP Business Planning/IT will be recruited. 

In addition, Mr. Lopano announced two new direct reports. A newly created Office of Ethics, Diversity and Compliance, as well as a Performance Management position to help in the continuous improvement of Tampa International Airport management. 

“All of these changes are being accomplished within our existing budget and do not result in any new positions being added,” stated Lopano. 

The new organization is effective immediately. The Airport is expecting to be better than budget for the fiscal year in both expenses and revenues.