17:42 PM

Tampa International Airport Ready to “Get to Work” with Stimulus Funds

March 23, 2009

Tampa, FL – On Friday, March 20, Airport officials were informed by U.S. Representative Kathy Castor (Florida’s 11th Congressional District) that Tampa International will receive 8 million dollars in airport improvement funds, a part of the $787 billion federal stimulus package known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The funds provide for a portion of the $52 million required for the “Taxiway B Reconstruction and Bridge” project. The project elevates an existing taxiway, allowing for the transportation corridor necessary to connect the existing terminal facilities with the new North Terminal Complex. 

In addition to the taxiway reconstruction, the airport will commence work on the $26 million infrastructure project for the North Terminal Complex. The infrastructure project was already slated for development, however the infusion of additional funds allows for a “jump start” on the taxiway work, moving ahead of schedule by as much as three years. The Aviation Authority board could pick a winning bid for the project as early as June, with construction underway by fall of this year. 

“We will be spending the money really quickly to put people back to work in the Tampa Bay area,” said Louis Miller, Executive Director of Tampa International Airport at the March board meeting – when news of the funds was still pending. Delighted at the positive news of the funding, Miller stated, “creating these kinds of good jobs with good salaries is an important step in the economic recovery and we are pleased that it also supports the long term success of the Airport.” 

It is predicted that over 265 jobs will be directly created by the two projects including: site work, concrete work, utilities, electrical, equipment operators and haulers. Many of the jobs are estimated to pay over $21 per hour with a total project payroll of over $7.7 million for the taxiway and $4.5 million for the infrastructure. The projects are expected to take approximately one year to complete.