22:21 PM

Tampa’s Jet ICU delivers precious cargo for a special family homecoming


Tampa Bay area couple Alison Herman and John Waterman were stuck across the country with a tiny dilemma. Two, actually.

Their twins were born via surrogate in Utah 10 weeks prematurely on May 29, but the health risk of them traveling as a family via car or commercial flight home was too high because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s when Jet ICU, an air ambulance company that operates out of a TPA-based hangar, stepped in to lend a helping hand, two engines and a couple of wings to the new parents. On Thursday afternoon, the babies finally came home, landing safely at TPA’s Signature Flight Support facility with their father.

When they were born, baby David weighed just 3 pounds while his sister, Sydney weighed only 2 pound. As the babies developed and gained weight, John and Alison considered all of their options to bring them home, including renting a caravan and driving from Utah to Tampa. None of the options seemed feasible.

Jet ICU heard of Alison and John’s story through a nurse in Utah and the company was quick to reach out, offering a private direct flight for the twins and their dad from Utah to Tampa – all expenses covered. Any other day, a similar flight would cost upwards of $40,000.

“Words can’t describe how thankful and grateful we are of the help from Jet ICU,” Alison said. “I’m just so relieved that they’re safe and they’re home for good.”

John mentioned that July 23 was the original due date for the twins.

“Today is actually the day they were supposed to be delivered, and they are. They’re delivered home.”