16:50 PM

The throne zone: TPA enhancing airside restrooms

Several of Tampa International Airport’s airside restrooms are getting some long-awaited upgrades. 

In the long-term, it means bigger, more modern restrooms in line with TPA’s other newly renovated spaces. In the short term, however, it could mean a little extra inconvenience during busy periods. 

So far, the Airport has finished upgrading the bathrooms on the west side of Airside F and the restrooms near Gate A1 on Airside A.  

Currently, crews are in the process of updating the Airside F east restroom (expected to be ready for use in November) and the Airside C north restroom (ready in February 2022). Once the Airside C north restroom is done, work will begin on the Airside C south restroom – with a target completion date of November 2022. 

Passengers can expect to see new, contemporary finishes that complement the architecture of each airside, including an art photo wall highlighting local flora and fauna. 

The bathroom stalls will be larger, making it easier to maneuver luggage, and there will be multiple baby changing stations in each one. 

Each will feature brighter, energy-efficient LED lighting. 

On Airside C, crews are adding additional restroom stalls as well as new nursing rooms (TPA already has nursing rooms on Airside A and F).