13:48 PM

Three cool things you'll see along your Express Curbsides journey

Tampa International Airport's Blue Express Curbsides are a convenient innovation meant to decongest the terminal while enhancing the passenger journey. They allow passengers to bypass the ticketing level and head straight to the Transfer Level of the Main Terminal -- an experience that's the first of its kind at any U.S. airport. These curbs are a unique amenity to the already easy customer experience Tampa is known to provide, but there's more to love about this nearly complete project than meets the eye. Here are three cool things you'll see when you choose Express at TPA:


1. The artwork, of course

At Tampa International Airport, when something grand-scale is built, new artwork almost always accompanies that project. Be it a new terminal, a new curbside or a 21-foot flamingo, TPA is all about beautifying a space, and that's just what has been done with the new Blue Express Curbsides. Two new art installations currently decorate the interior space of the Blue Express Curbs. “Tropicalismo Revisited” by Catherine Wagner is a palm tree-esque concept that pays homage to the tropical modernist landscape that once existed at the Airport, while “Florida Sunset” by Jason Middlebrook is a massive mosaic mural featuring floral patterns and sunset colors. As travelers enter and exit the terminal, the oversized landscape acts as a celebration of the surrounding environments. The wall behind both artworks was purposely painted a stark white to provide a contrast where the art truly dominates the space. 

2. Our rideshare partners are pressed for Express

When you are ready to depart your home toward the Airport and type "Tampa International Airport" on your Uber or Lyft apps, you will be prompted to answer whether you're checking a bag or not. This will change your journey as you head to TPA. Based on your decision, the app will prompt your driver to drop you off at level 2 for regular arrivals if you're checking a bag or Express for departures if you're sans checked baggage. Similarly, when you're ready to leave the Airport, the apps will prompt you to decide if you are departing from Express or Baggage Claim. This is just another way TPA is elevating the passenger experience and making things more seamless for its passengers. 

3. Special design elements

From the incorporation of the colors and textures inside the space to the selection of wood paneling, the Design-Build Team of Hensel Phelps and HNTB, took every detail into consideration while designing the interior of the building. Along your journey, you'll notice that the passenger path is punctuated with Terrazzo patterning and wood accents. All of these elements come together to celebrate Tampa’s natural beauty and assist passengers in finding their way toward their destinations. 

"Our design incorporates large, open volumes and clear unobstructed sight lines in a way that promotes a very intuitive sense of direction and clarity of passenger path," said Matthew Hallett, Associate Vice President and Director of Design and Architecture of HNTB.

From beautiful art that decorates the space to the incorporation of key design elements to enhance the passenger journey, no stone was left unturned in the construction and development of TPA's new Blue Express Curbsides. TPA is excited to unveil this new amenity and introduce its guests to a more streamlined experience, making airport travel easy and efficient.

To learn more about the Blue Express curbs, click here.