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Ticketing & Baggage Claim Curbside Construction

July 11, 2011

Modernization of 40-year-old terminal

TAMPA – Tampa International Airport has undertaken a project to modernize the curbside at ticketing and baggage claim. The project budget is just over $11.6 million and is scheduled for completion in May 2012. 

The purpose of the project is to enhance the look and function of the exterior curbsides. Among the most noticeable planned improvements to the area includes: implementation of a "zone" concept to improve identification of airlines, replacement of sign marquees, replace the public address system and refurbish the 22 check-in podiums at ticket level. All roadway surfaces will be recoated and restriped for improved driver visibility and curbside walking surfaces will be cleaned and repaired. Lighting in all areas will be upgraded with new fixtures, increased wattage and added to additional locations. 

The conceptual design for the project was completed in October 2008 by staff with the assistance of Reynolds, Smith and Hills. 

There are several challenges associated with the project in order to maintain usability of the area during the renovation. Extensive planning, coordination and cooperation with the airlines, TSA and ground transportation operators are required to ensure that there is minimal impact to operations and passenger flow. Typically, construction work affecting the curbside operations will be accomplished during overnight hours following the last arriving flight of the day on the baggage claim level and completing prior to the first departing flight in the morning of the ticketing level. Remote construction staging areas would be required due to limited area in the landside terminal complex.