21:00 PM

TPA gets COVID-19 financial relief

Last week, TPA received good news from the Department of Transportation: The Aviation Authority will receive $81 million dollars of funding from the CARES Act.

The funding was designated as part of a larger package that includes $10 billion in overall funding for airports, with $9.4 billion programmed for airports to use for any lawful purpose and support vital operations.

Tampa International Airport has seen a 97 percent drop in business, much like airports around the world.

“I’m thankful to our team, our trade partners, and the entire Tampa Bay area legislative delegation for their support in securing this money,” TPA CEO Joe Lopano said, noting that the Authority has spent the past several weeks analyzing its finances and fiscal year budget to adjust to the change. “We want to ensure we’re continuing to keep up with our projected passenger numbers and the growth of this region while also being fiscally responsible given this unforeseen crisis."