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TPA joins arms with community in the fight against Coronavirus

In the Tampa Bay region, there's no doubt TPA has a tight relationship with the community it serves. Through trying times like these, both the Airport and community partners have received and given assistance, from facemasks and hand sanitizers to physical helping hands. If you're searching for feel-good stories in the area, you don't have to look too far. 

Airport Operations Center sends staff to assist TPD

The Airport Operations Center at TPA is staffed by well-trained employees who know the ins and outs of not only the Airport, but the region as well. They work tirelessly to answer calls, help customers and dispatch necessary assistance. Since flight operations and passenger numbers have decreased recently due to COVID-19, the AOC is sending two employees to assist the Tampa Police Department whose call volume has increased with COVID-19 related questions and concerns. 

3 Daughters Brewing donates 10 gallons of hand sanitizer to TIAPD

Many employees at Tampa International Airport are working from home due to COVID-19 precautions. The Tampa Airport Police Department, however, is still doing their duties to keep the Airport safe for passengers who have essential travel. In an effort to help our TIAPD stay healthy and safe, 3 Daughters Brewing donated 10 gallons of hand sanitizer to our team. Thanks 3 Daughters!

Hand-sewn bandana masks for TPA airfield employees

Airfield Maintenance Employee, Jeff Clay and wife Melissa have turned to a helpful hobby to provide homemade masks for the maintenance team. The couple received some leftover Gasparilla parade bandanas from TPA's marketing team, and Melissa has been sewing them into face masks to protect those who are still working on-site at the Airport. Way to go, Melissa and Jeff!

Boulevard Awning Company donates over 120 masks for TPA frontline employees

From Traffic to Police and Guest Services, some teams at TPA need to be on-site to do their jobs. Clearwater based Boulevard Awning Company generously donated more than 120 protective face masks for TPA's frontline workers to stay safe during this pandemic.