22:08 PM

TPA keeps an eye on Eta with operational impacts possible

While the threat of Tropical Storm Eta remains unclear for the Tampa Bay region, Tampa International Airport's operations team is continuing to monitor the wobbly system, which shifted slightly toward Florida's west coast on Tuesday afternoon.

The 28th named storm serves as a fitting reminder that hurricane season is still here and it could impact your travel plans.

Hurricane season, which runs from June through November, typically peaks in mid-August through late October, according to the National Hurricane Center. TS Eta could approach the Gulf Coast later this week as a tropical storm, according to the National Hurricane Center, and possibly bring impacts from rain, wind, and storm surge. This could disrupt air travel in the region, impacting flights to and from Tampa International Airport.

As always TPA recommends travelers monitor bad weather in their area or destination and contact their airline for flight status updates.

Tampa International Airport is not currently anticipating severe weather impacts from the storm, but that doesn’t mean the airport doesn’t prepare for it. During any heavy storm watch, TPA’s operations team actively makes preparations by finalizing storm checklists, getting personnel ready and providing daily updates to key decision-makers.

With hurricanes a part of life in Tampa Bay, TPA has implemented a robust hurricane plan that gets updated and refined every year.

To read more about the Airport’s hurricane preparations, check out this Tampa Bay Times story featuring Airport EVP of Operations and Customer Service John Tiliacos.