15:09 PM

TPA launches food delivery service TPA to Go

From grill to gate with just a few clicks.

Passengers, visitors and employees at Tampa International Airport can now have food delivered directly to them throughout any Airport location with a new online ordering service.

The new program, dubbed TPA to Go, offers customers a touchless, convenient and fast option for pickup or delivery.

“In today’s travel climate, contactless ordering is tremendously important,” said Laurie Noyes, TPA's VP of Concessions and Commercial Parking. “Our goal is to instill confidence in the airport experience and provide tools for our passengers to access food and beverage however they are most comfortable. We believe this new service will provide our guests a first-class contactless experience throughout the airport.”


The initiative comes as passengers are increasingly looking for comfortable, convenient airport experiences with minimal touchpoints.

TPA to Go is powered by the e-commerce platform, Grab, and AtYourGate, which spearheads the delivery component. Food items are cooked to order, boxed and sealed for a safe dining-on-the-go experience.

“We are delighted to partner with Tampa International Airport to bring the TPA to Go program to life,” said Jeff Livney, Chief Experience Officer at Servy, the company behind Grab. “This innovation gives travelers a simple, contactless option to have their favorite restaurant food delivered directly to them throughout the airport. As travel continues to increase, this will alleviate stress for passengers on the day of travel and enhance the overall airport experience.”

Orders can be placed through the Grab app or by visiting https://tpatogo.com/. Contactless pickup is free while a fee of $4.99 is applied for deliveries.