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TPA making repairs to parking garage

(September 18, 2014) - People parking on Level 5 of the Short Term Parking and Level 6 of Long Term Parking these days can’t help but notice the cones and barricades.

Parking Garage Repairs

That’s because maintenance crews are in the middle of a project that includes resurfacing, replacing extension joints and making other improvements, including upgrades to Valet Parking.

The work is part of years-long improvements that began last year on Level 4 of the Short-Term Parking garage. One of the most important components of the project: Applying deck coating in the short-term garage. 

“Every level of the short term parking garage acts like a roof for the floor below it. Therefore each level has deck coating to protect against weather elements and to prevent water intrusion below,” said David Gavenda, a project manager for Parking and Ground Transportation. 

Work on each floor takes 30 to 90 days. The entire project, including new traffic coding on Level 5, is scheduled for completion Nov. 19. The project had to be halted during preparation and arrival of the International Indian Film Academy awards celebrities, causing the project to be delayed a bit, said Max Marble, Manager of Development. 

Future plans also call for upgrades to Valet Parking. “The VIP section will be re-striped, creating larger parking spaces as incentive for our VIP customers,” said Karl Martin, Manager of Parking and Ground Transportation. 

Valet Parking is the airport’s fastest growth parking product, seeing a 24.4% boost in revenues year-to-date (not including revenues from the auto detailing program). The growth is due in part to increased marketing as well as the addition of auto detailing to the program. 

“We’re continually seeking opportunities to enhance our customer’s experience,” said John Tiliacos, Vice President of Operations and Customer Service. “Valet Parking is a very attractive service for customers, especially business travelers that want to make the most of their time while traveling. Customers have more time to devote to their business and personal needs, and we also want them to have more time to dine and shop with us. Valet parking combined with a choice of auto detailing services we provide is a winning combination for customers.”