16:27 PM

TPA Namaste: Five places to get your zen on at Tampa International Airport

Wanna get away as you're embarking on your getaway? TPA has a number of secluded or relaxing spots to help you decompress before your flight.

The people. The PA announcements. The bright lights and moving trains. Even as one of the country’s most favorite user-friendly airports, Tampa International Airport operates at a busy pace and travel can be stressful endeavor.

But there is some reprieve from the hustle and bustle of airport life! Next time you’re in need of some quiet time or some personal space where you can relax or stay grounded, check out one of these five spots at TPA, most of which are accessible to the general public:


#1 Short Term Garage, Level 9

How many airports in the world have such convenient parking garages that they are literally stacked right on the roof of the Main Terminal? We don’t know the precise answer to this, but what we do know is this is a lovely spot where you can get a 360-degree view of the airfield and its aircraft, as well as a gander at Tampa Bay and the city’s skyline. While there are cars parked up there, it’s generally pretty quiet, except for the occasional jet engine roar of course,


#2 Master Plan Gallery

Also known as the walkway to the Marriott hotel, this low-traffic hallway in between the red Yeager and Sikorsky elevator banks features stunning artwork, a history lesson about the airport – and more importantly – some quiet benches where one can sit and relax, gaze out the windows and enjoy a somewhat different aesthetic from the rest of the airport.


#3 Outdoor courtyards

 If you’re wanting some fresh air, Tampa International Airport opened some new outdoor courtyards accessible on the east side of the Ticketing Level (Level 2) near the new Main Terminal SkyConnect station. They tend to be so calm and secluded, we’re wondering if people know they can go out there? Well, you can! It’s okay, guys! Get out there and enjoy the serenity fountain, clean tile and benches.



#4 Terminal Getaway Spas

Got a little time to spare as you’re waiting at your gate? All four airsides each now have a staffed spa offering therapeutic chair massage, a wonderful treat after hauling heavy luggage around but also the spas are a nice place to go to get away from the crowds. On Airsides C and E, the spas offer manicures and pedicures as well. Fit some quick self-care into your day or splurge and take your time with a full-works spa treatment.



#5 The Airport Chapel

Located right next to the Airside F shuttle in the Main Terminal, this little chapel offers a respite for worshippers of all faiths and a quiet place to pray, meditate or rest before or after a flight. It’s open 24 hours and features pretty glass art adorning the entryway door and interior wall, titled “Light Passage” by artist Yvonne Barlog.