22:05 PM

TPA nearing completion on new taxiway bridge

Construction crews are finishing work on a new airfield bridge project that will add a key connection between Tampa International Airport’s main runways, making it easier, safer and more efficient for planes to navigate the airfield.

The Taxiway A Bridge, pictured here, is slated for completion in mid-February. Once finished, it will be the third bridge connecting the Airport’s east and west runways. The bridge eliminates a major intersection between planes and other airfield vehicles.

The bridge is also being designed with the future in mind, with room for multiple lanes of vehicle traffic underneath and a slot for a future SkyConnect expansion to a new north terminal.

The bridge, by the numbers:

Length: 227.50 feet

Width: 217.50 feet

Amount of concrete used: 7,730 Cubic Yards (approximately 773 concrete trucks)

Concrete thickness: 2.5 to 5 feet

Amount of rebar: 1,521,640 Pounds

Post-tension steel: 362,450 Pounds

Capacity: 747-400 ER