18:00 PM

TPA offers drive-thru showing of chalk art submissions

On Saturday, May 16, chalk artists - big and small - visited the Airport's Cell Phone Waiting Lot to see their art displayed on the big screen.

After soliciting digital chalk art drawings from May 5 - 12, the Airport team ultimately received 557 submissions, selecting 119. The art serves to inspire and uplift both the traveling public and TPA's own essential employees.

"This initiative was really positive for us, not only because of the incredible images we received, but because we got the opportunity to bring the community together during these difficult times," said Chris Minner, Executive Vice President of Marketing. "While our passenger numbers may be down, we're still an important part of this community - and we're grateful to help show off what makes Tampa Bay so special."

Roughly 80 vehicles of chalk art connoisseurs stopped by Saturday's event, driving by the screens or taking a beat to park and watch the images scroll by. 

The selected pieces will live on digital screens throughout the Airport for the next month.

Check out some of the selected pieces: