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TPA opens a dozen new electric vehicle charging stations

(August 20, 2015) - Tampa International Airport on Aug. 7, flipped the switch on a dozen new electric vehicle charging stations that will make it easier and more convenient for drivers to find a charge in all of the airport’s parking garages. EV charging station at TPA

With the additional charging stations, the total number jumped from three to 15, and will allow as many as 18 electric vehicles to charge simultaneously from the units. The airport has also dedicated four additional parking spots solely for alternative energy vehicles.

Previously, the airport could only charge six vehicles at a time at stations located in the cell phone waiting lot and valet parking areas. The Short Term, Long Term and Economy Parking garages now each have four charging units.

“We’re excited to add additional charging stations for electric vehicles and to emphasize the importance of alternative fuel vehicles,” said Al Illustrato, Vice President of Facilities and Administration. "The triple bottom line that considers people, the planet and prosperity is important to this airport. Our own sustainability program includes everything from new charging stations and natural gas vehicles to solar power, reclaimed water and recycled construction materials."

Tampa International added the charging stations in response to the growing popularity of electric vehicles and because of the airport’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Telefonix Inc., the manufacturer of the airport’s charging stations, said Tampa International and other airports are trailblazers in building the infrastructure needed to support electric vehicles.

The charging stations are located in some of the most convenient spots in each of the garages – a move that is intended to raise awareness and promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles. The stations in the long term parking garage will be located on the second floor near the walkways to the main terminal, while the economy parking stations will be located on the first floor.

The new stations are just one of Tampa International’s many ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Here’s a look at some of the airport’s other efforts:

  • Sustainability is woven into the airport’s $953 million expansion. Both the main terminal and new rental car center will be more energy efficient than code, using high-efficiency glass, lighting and other energy efficient products. The airport’s contractors are also dedicated to sustainability during construction. The Taxiway J Bridge project has recycled 343 tons of asphalt and 1,300 tons of concrete to date.
  • In July, crews began construction on a 2 Megawatt installation of solar panels on the top of the south economy parking garage. A collaboration with Tampa Electric, the array will send enough energy to the electric grid to power 250 residential homes – or about the same amount of energy as will be used by Tampa International’s new 1.4-mile automated people mover.
  • Over the last five years, the airport’s terminal recycling program has diverted an average of over 1,100 tons of solid waste per year from landfill disposal.
  • TPA is one of the few airports nationwide that enables in-flight recycling for our airlines.
  • Since the airport’s compressed natural gas station opened in 2013, the airport has saved over 450,000 gallons of gasoline. The airport currently operates 49 alternative fuel vehicles, including compressed natural gas shuttles and buses and hybrid and electric fleet vehicles.
  • The airport’s reclaimed water system went in service in 2009, saving over 289 million gallons of potable water.

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