05:03 AM

TPA passenger arrested after a firearm was discovered at Airside F checkpoint

The Airport held a news conference late Friday to answer questions about what happened.

A passenger at TPA was arrested Friday night following a security incident at Airside F involving a firearm discovered in his carry-on items. 

Per security protocols, all screening and movement of passengers were suspended just before 8 p.m., the time of the incident. Passengers were redirected to the Main Terminal while TPAPD officers conducted a precautionary sweep to ensure the safety and security of everyone. 

Once the airside was cleared, TSA rescreened all Airside F passengers and normal operations resumed at Airside F around 9:45 p.m. The passenger was arrested and the incident remains under investigation. 

"Ensuring safety is our number one job, and that’s what occurred tonight," TPA Executive Vice President of Operations John Tiliacos said. "We are thankful for the actions of our officers and our TSA partners, who quickly contained the situation and helped operations resume safely as fast as possible." 

Approximately a dozen arriving and departing Airside F flights were delayed. No flights were canceled and no other areas of TPA were impacted due to this incident.