18:27 PM

TPA Ready Update: TPA surpasses 10,000 daily passenger mark as travelers adjust to changes

This past weekend, TPA saw a noticeable increase in activity compared to its late March and early April lows.

While it’s a stretch to call it “busy,” Tampa International Airport saw a marked increase in Memorial Day weekend passengers, passing the 10,000 mark for the first time since early March. On the Monday holiday, TPA had approximately 13,000 passengers travel through the Airport.

Daily airline operations are still low, with only between 50 and 60 departing flights each day and Southwest Airlines making up more than half of those departures. However, the increase in airport activity follows a national upward trend as U.S and global economies begin to slowly reopen and more people are feeling comfortable resuming air travel with health and safety guidelines in place.

In addition to the measures TPA has enacted as part of its TPA Ready program to make the Airport more safe and sanitary, several airlines have also adjusted their standards to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Delta, for example, is blocking middle seats and capping capacity, as well sanitizing all flights with electrostatic sprayers before boarding.

TSA has also been making adjustments throughout the pandemic to address health and safety concerns of fliers, and that includes wider lanes for social distancing at security checkpoints, allowing up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer in carry-on luggage and asking passengers to scan their own boarding passes. At TPA, passengers are encourages to arrive at the Airport two hours before departure, as people are experiencing longer-than-usual wait times at the checkpoint lines.

For more information about TPA Ready and other traveler info, visit the Airport’s TPA Ready webpage which is updated regularly.