16:00 PM

TPA to install moving walkways in Long Term Parking Garage

In June of 2021, the monorail in the Long Term Parking Garage was decommissioned for passenger use in order to start Phase 1 of a new project: the installation of new moving walkways. Late last year, crews began shutting down portions of the fourth floor of the Long Term Garage to enable the project. Phase 1 is expected to be complete by Dec. 2022 and open to passengers in early 2023.

All guests parking in the Long Term Garage must walk or take the elevator to Level 4 in order to access the Main Terminal via a pedestrian bridge, so the addition of these new moving walkways is critical to enhancing the experience for all. The planned moving walkways on Level 4 will take passengers directly to the entrance of the Main Terminal pedestrian bridge faster and with less effort.

These walkways replace the old Long Term Monorail – a 20-plus-year-old system that was in need of costly upgrades and had low guest utilization, making it unfeasible to repair and maintain. TPA opted to go with a series of moving walkways adjacent to the elevator cores to improve customer service at a significantly lower price tag.

Phase 2 of this project, which is slated for completion in Dec. 2023, includes the demolition of the Long Term Monorail shuttles and infrastructure, which currently connect Level 7 of the Long Term Parking Garage to Level 5 of Short Term. The process will come with some reduced parking in both the Long and Short Term Garages during construction, but will ultimately yield nearly 500 new parking spaces when complete.

During construction, passengers will continue to use Level 4 to access the Main Terminal. Guests can expect to see barricades sectioning off active construction zones and signage to help direct them to the Main Terminal.

The total cost of the project is $28.8 million and is part of the Airport’s Capital Improvement Program.