18:09 PM

TPA's new gallery exhibit boasts nature up-close

TPA's newest gallery exhibit by National Geographic explorer and natural artist, Matthew Cicanese, examines the intersection of art, science, and the innate connections that humans hold with the natural world. He creates images which illuminate the life forms that exist in the periphery of humankind – yet hold critical significance to our planet. In the exhibit, viewers can find close-up images of organisms like a skyline of fungi, Florida-native lizards and even moss growing up a twig. 



‘Earth Up Close’ is a collection of works that illuminates, educates, and celebrates the clockwork species behind the stage that enables life itself. My hope is for these works to unearth your childhood sense of curiosity, inspire you to marvel at the details of our planet, and share a window into the worlds within our world – that are more important than we can ever understand.
Matthew Cicanese

The exhibit will be up in TPA's gallery area until the end of February. 


All images by Matthew Cicanese