22:26 PM

TPA's new spaces make it easy to work on the go

Jennifer Wooten plopped down in one of the Main Terminal’s comfy blue lounge chairs and pulled out her laptop and headset for a conference call on a recent Wednesday morning.

The D.C. resident, who was flying out of Tampa International Airport later in the day, plugged in and slouched back waiting for the call to begin.

“It’s one of the more comfortable airports to work at,” she said, noting a multitude of outlets and tables nearby. “I’m exhausted and this is really comfortable.”

In TPA’s newly renovated Main Terminal and airsides, work spaces are everywhere. Whether using a traditional work station to catch up on messages, a one-on-one meeting at a high-top or small group meeting on a terrace, passengers and employees alike are finding new ways to work throughout the airport.

TPA has recently installed dozens of work stations throughout the Main Terminal and airside – a notable increase from recent years. Beyond that are clusters of lounge seating and alternative work stations, giving guests ample options for getting work done. There’s a work environment for all types of activities.

Bruno Gagnon, a Tampa Bay contractor, recently leaned back in one of the Main Terminal’s brown reclining lounge chairs, swiping through an Excel document on his tablet. He wore a neck pillow with his feet propped up on a table.

Traditional work stations aren’t for him. “This is way better,” he said.

About half way across the terminal, near the Hard Rock Cafe, Stan Finnety, sat at a work station with a small laptop, busily punching the keys, preparing for a meeting. Finnety, a salesman, said he is grateful for the ample work spaces and outlets. It makes traveling easier.

“It’s very convenient,” he said. “Glad to see it.”

The work stations don’t just benefit TPA’s customers. Employees, too, are taking advantage of the new ways to work.

David Potter, TPA’s Senior Manager of Enterprise Service Delivery, is frequently seen at a high top counter in the Main Terminal with his laptop pulled up, reading emails and tapping away messages.

“It’s a great alternative to conference spaces to do one-on-ones and check-ins,” said David Potter, Senior Manager of Enterprise Service Delivery. “It gets you out of the work space.”

All he needs is a strong Wi-Fi signal and a full battery, he said.

Other departments, ranging from Planning and Development to Communications and Government Affairs, have hosted everything from impromptu meetings or one-on-one coffee catchups in the terminal. TPA’s Communications team routinely meets in the terminal, taking advantage of the outdoor terraces and wide open space behind the Food Court.

Rich Coudurier, TPA’s Director of Planning and Design, said he meets almost daily with members of the P&D team in the terminal.

“It’s an opportunity to catch up on a variety of project related items in a more informal and relaxed setting," he said. "It also provides a chance to observe terminal construction activity and airport operations which I consider essential for me to stay attune to issues.”